Best Burgers in NYC - Hamburger, Veggie Burger, Kobe Burger + More

From juicy half pounders , quarter pounders to bite-sized minis, here are the best burgers restaurants in New York

What is it about juicy patty, heat, and a bun that produces such magic? Not too many foods are as a perfect at satisfying a simple, deep hankering. The Burger. Get ready to head out on the town feeling confident and sink your teeth into a juicy, perfectly delicious burger.

The Burger Bistro

NYC Burger Bistro Lets You Create the Perfect Burger...

7217 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn 11209
The Burger Bistro

NYC Burger Bistro Lets You Create the Perfect Burger

The Burger Bistro offers make-your-own gourmet custom burgers with exotic tasty starters and sides to please the most discriminating tastes.

Starters compliment the meal with crispy fried artichoke hearts and lightly exotic sides include “frizzled” onions and “bread and butter” pickles.

The modular style ordering system at The Burger Bistro is as simple as filling out the menu/form. Featuring a wide variety of perfectly cooked patties, toppings, buns or no buns (or the surprisingly refreshing lettuce wrap), plus sides that can be mixed and matched in nearly unlimited combinations, living up to its motto: “ two million types of tasty. “

After picking your type of meat (Beef, Turkey, Lamb, Chicken, Veggie, or the highly recommended Kobe Beef) and how you want the protein cooked. Select a cheese (from classic American, blue all the way to smoked Gouda), then a wide variety of rather exotic topping from frizzled onions to Portobello mushrooms, finally, top it off with the usual suspects of sauces to Sriracha ketchup, Chipotle mayo or zesty smokehouse

With two Brooklyn locations (Bay Ridge and Park Slope) and one in Upper East Side (1663 First Ave), Burger Bistro is just a short hop for New Yorkers who love a perfect burgers. Stores are friendly, casual and the aroma of grilled meats permeating the air.

177 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
1663 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10028

Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien

Le Parker Meridian Burger Joint | Best Burger in Midtown NYC...

119 W 56th Street, New York 10019
Burger Joint, Burger Joint

Le Parker Meridian Burger Joint | Best Burger in Midtown NYC

This affordable and laid back hole-in-the-wall burger joint is nicely hidden inside Le Parker Meridien, an upscale French hotel located in Midtown West Manhattan. It may be tough to spot at first but walking through Le Parker’s lobby bar and across the marble floors, Burger Joint is soon visible through its luminescent trademark burger sign once you navigate through the red floor length drapes.

Don’t be fooled by the dive atmosphere of graffiti-filled wood paneled walls and diner-style booths - expect long cues of locals and tourists alike for Burger Joint’s popular and tasty burgers.

The no fuss menu makes picking your burger of choice painless: burger, cheeseburger or double cheeseburger are your options with sides of lettuce, tomato, onions, sliced pickles, mustard, ketchup or all of the above.

The fries are served separate and arrive at your table hotly served fresh in brown paper bags.

Burger Joint is a fun place to bring friends or colleagues. The tiny, packed spot offers a "to go" service line or you can also be conveniently served at your booth or table. Ordering a burger and fries wouldn’t be complete without a milkshake, wine or a pitcher of Samuel Adams beer on tap to pair with your burger of choice.

The Joint’s burgers have become so popular that now, one can also find a sister location at Greenwich Village. As if another New York location wasn’t enough, Burger Joint has expanded abroad to Dubai and South Korea.

Bar Sardine

Haute Bar Food and Burger in West Village, NYC: Bar Sardine ...

183 West 10th Street, New York 10014
Fedora Burger, Bar Sardine, Bar Sardine, Deviled Eggs

Haute Bar Food and Burger in West Village, NYC: Bar Sardine

Back in July’ 2014, the former West Village Izakaya fusion Chez Sardine was transformed into Bar Sardine; And although we previously enjoyed the richness of the ambitious menu, such as Foie-Gras smoked cheddar grilled-cheese and braised pork & unagi hand roll, we appreciate chef Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly’s new simpler all American-menu in a casual neighborhood bar setting.

The food menu is straightforward and efficient and what appears to be the standard pub grub has got some elevated elements. The crown jewel "a la carte" is the Fedora Burger, a mouth-watering beef and buns concoction with smoked cheddar, crispy onions, pickled cucumber and BBQ mayo. It’s really freaking good. Other variety of playful and imaginative food creations includes, deviled eggs with soy and black garlic, burrata with spanish boquerones (white anchovies, cured in vinegar and olive oil).

And for the more adventurous diners, daily selections of fresh oysters.

The signature drinks concocted ( by Bar Operations Director Brian Bartel ) with a passion for the craft to hungry New Yorkers unwinding after a long day at work - with creative names like “Devil in the Pale Moonlight” (Rock & Rye, Cranberry Cardamon Syrup, Lemons and Bitters) & “Manhattan Bound “A” Train” (8 Year Rum, Chartreuse, Benedictine, Amaro & Sherry).

photo credit: Bar Sardine

Saxon + Parole

Modern American Bar / Restaurant in Noho - Saxon + Parole...

316 Bowery Street, New York 10012
Saxon + Parole

Modern American Bar / Restaurant in Noho - Saxon + Parole

Saxon + Parole is an elegantly beautiful restaurant that boasts perfectly grilled meats and aquatic delights on Bowery and Bleecker in NoHo.

Executive chef Brad Farmerie has created a diverse menu full of twists on modern American favorites, including certified Black Angus beef that has been dry aged for 28 days. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, full of friendly servers who also happen to be quite knowledgeable on their wines. A meal at Saxon + Parole absolutely must be capped off with their S'mores which feature delectable whiskey barrel smoke.

Ideal for any lover of modern American food, entrees range in price from $15-60, there's a ton of variety at each price point.

B&B Winepub

Award Winning Burger in NYC: B&B Winepub ...

25 W. Houston Street, New York 10012
Burger and Barrel Bash Style Burger

Award Winning Burger in NYC: B&B Winepub

B&B Winepub, located in SoHo is an upscale Americana Gastropub - truly living up to their name of Burger and Barrel. While their Bash Burger (with bacon jam!) is what they are known for, B&B specializes in unique twists on "traditional American" food, and serving them alongside of world-class selection of wines and beers.

White Truffle Burger

During truffle season B&B offers the White Truffle Burger at a first come first serve basis. At $55, the lavishly juicy burger is smothered with Robiola cheese, smothering of truffle aioli and a generous canopy of white truffles. They will keep it on the menu only for few months or as long as they can get their hands on the funghi.

The ambiance is classy, sexy and unpretentious with friendly and efficient service.

photo credit: ccho<

Beer & Buns

The $250 Indulgence Kobe Burger at Beer and Buns...

130 East 39th Street, New York 10016
Indulgence Burger

The $250 Indulgence Kobe Burger at Beer and Buns

Burgers! Burgers! And more burgers! That's what you will find at Beer and Buns.

Located in Midtown, Chef Nok developed the menu of burgers by combining the traditional American beef patties but with spices from the orient. Regular hamburger and sliders are on the menu but if you want to try their ultimate burger, the Indulgence Burger fits the bill. Coming in at a hefty price of $250 this burger is for one those fill in the blank occasions.

The Indulgence burger. That’s what it’s referred to as. Made with Kobe beef, pancetta, wine-sautéed foie gras, white truffles and beluga caviar. You can understand the price because this burger is pure Indulgence.

The Thirsty Koala

Organic Australian Cuisine in Astoria: Thirsty Koala...

35-12 Ditmars Boulevard, Astoria 11105
The Thirsty Koala - front, Lamb Lollies - The Thirsty Koala, The Thirsty Koala Taco, Kangaroo Burger

Organic Australian Cuisine in Astoria: Thirsty Koala

The Thirsty Koala is an Aussie-inspired restaurant located in Astoria, that uses local, organic, and natural fruits and pastry-products in all of their recipes, as well as all of their meat being all natural and hormone free.

This "Down-Under" eatery serves everything from brunch, to dinner to beer and wine (Australian of course), everything to feed your needs!

One of our favorite Australian restaurant - "The menu is polka-dotted with dishes, cocktails, and desserts either native to Australia or named in its honor, but the most buzzed-about bite is the kangaroo burger with "the lot." This fork-and-knife monster is an eight-ounce patty of tender kangaroo meat flown in from Queensland, stacked with a grilled pineapple ring, pickled beets, crispy bacon, a slathering of house-made goat cheese, and a soft-centered fried egg."

Umami Burger

Umami Burger New York...

432 6th Ave, New York 10011
Original Truffle Burger at Umami Burger, Umami Burger

Umami Burger New York

A modest presence in what was really a superb burger — very juicy, meaty and gratifying. Beef itself delivers umami, and it could have already been a fine burger sans the umamified seasoning tricks... On the burger menu of ten-ish options ($10 to $15), as well as a burger and a tuna burger, there are some that are unique to New York: a duck burger and a French-dip sandwich.

The Truffle Burger itself is nothing short of amazing

It's the richness of perfectly cooked juicy burger, generous truffle glaze, gooey truffle cheese topped with garlic aioli sandwiched between slightly sweet buns. For just $12.95, Umami Burger has the best truffled-based burger deal in town, trust us we've tried them all.

The 128-seat two-story eatery, with a full bar, has waiter service. order the “cheesy tots,” toasty miniature crispy potato pillows.

Other Umami NYC Locations:
Brookfield Place
225 Liberty Street Suite 247, Manhattan
158 N. 4th Street, Brooklyn

photo credit: Umami Burger

Butcher Bar

Mouthwatering Burgers and Sliders at the Butcher Bar...

37-08 30th Avenue, Astoria 11105
Cheese steak - Mac & Cheese at Butcher Bar, Brisket Slider - Butcher Bar

Mouthwatering Burgers and Sliders at the Butcher Bar

Butcher Bar sets out to be a butcher shop 1st and a dine in joint second.

Burger fans will appreciate Bob's Burger at the Butcher Bar. This $12.99 half-pound patty is formed from beef briskets laced with bits of smokey bacon, making each bite giving a satisfying crunch. Pressed with lettuce, tomato between sesame buns, with an option of 2 home-made BBQ sauces of varying spice and sweetness. Tons of flavor, somehow the cheese feels extravagant.

Butcher Bar's primary commitment is to its meat. a philosophy that is transparent through its prominent butcher case and barbecue offerings. Beef ares grass-fed or grass-fed grain-finished; pork and poultry come pasture-raised. Most of it's domestically sourced, organic when available and a chalkboard listing the place of origin of the meat for every week.

This is Astoria's first high-end shop specializing in locally sourced, hormone-free meats, for people who prefer not to fire their stove, about 10 little tables are provided for immediate consumption.

When you are here, also try their mouthwatering cut Slider (bottom pic) or smothered in cheese and onion, the Philly vogue.

The Spotted Pig

Flawless Burgers and Crispy Pig Ears at The Spotted Pig...

314 W. 11th STREET, New York

Flawless Burgers and Crispy Pig Ears at The Spotted Pig

The Michelin-starred haunt delivers simply one the most spot-on signature burger.

The burger, served on a toasted brioche, with roquefort cheese (a kind of blue cheese with a strong taste) along with a mountain of shoestring fries. At $20 bucks, some may say this is too rich for what it is. Nevertheless the burger was juicy, perfectly charred on the outside and the bread - pillowy without being too dry. For anyone who loves a good burger, the burger at The Spotted Pig is a must try.

Another surprising delectable dish is the Crispy Pig’s Ear Salad dressed in lemon caper sauce.