The Burger Bistro

NYC Burger Bistro Lets You Create the Perfect Burger...

NYC Burger Bistro Lets You Create the Perfect Burger

The Burger Bistro offers make-your-own gourmet custom burgers with exotic tasty starters and sides to please the most discriminating tastes.

Starters compliment the meal with crispy fried artichoke hearts and lightly exotic sides include “frizzled” onions and “bread and butter” pickles.

The modular style ordering system at The Burger Bistro is as simple as filling out the menu/form. Featuring a wide variety of perfectly cooked patties, toppings, buns or no buns (or the surprisingly refreshing lettuce wrap), plus sides that can be mixed and matched in nearly unlimited combinations, living up to its motto: “ two million types of tasty. “

After picking your type of meat (Beef, Turkey, Lamb, Chicken, Veggie, or the highly recommended Kobe Beef) and how you want the protein cooked. Select a cheese (from classic American, blue all the way to smoked Gouda), then a wide variety of rather exotic topping from frizzled onions to Portobello mushrooms, finally, top it off with the usual suspects of sauces to Sriracha ketchup, Chipotle mayo or zesty smokehouse

With two Brooklyn locations (Bay Ridge and Park Slope) and one in Upper East Side (1663 First Ave), Burger Bistro is just a short hop for New Yorkers who love a perfect burgers. Stores are friendly, casual and the aroma of grilled meats permeating the air.

177 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
1663 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10028