Explore Shops, Restaurants & Culture in "Little India" Queens

Garment Shop in Little India (Jackson Height)

The Italians and Chinese are not the only ones with intriguing, cultural neighborhoods nestled deep within New York. Queens is home to thousands who with roots in India or are first generation locals to the area. A trip to Jackson Heights in Queens, can be like a Bollywood transformation across the world to a place of color and wonders.

Shopaholics, get ready

Along 74th Street beginning at Roosevelt Ave is a bustling and vibrant mecca full of bazaars, boutiques and specialty shops that have a focus on fine Indian wares. For instance, if you enjoy the colors of traditional saris or may have been invited to a future Indian wedding, stop at one of the stores full of these long women tunics. Interested in the music and movies of Bollywood? Head to one of the CD and DVD spots full of classic and new hits. Other unique gifts to seek out include spices to take home and try in your home cooking and gorgeous gold jewelry.

Indulge in some of Queens’ best eats

Ready for Indian food that will taste more authentic, multi faceted and rich than any other? Head to one of many high end restaurants and greasy spoons that feature regional delicacies from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other Asian nations. Stop by places like the Jackson Diner, which has been converted into an eatery for North Indian dishes, such as tandoori with ginger and garlic spice or goat simmered in curries. Those with a sweet tooth should not miss a trip to Shaheen’s to fill a bag with coconut chum chum, nutty sohn halwa or tutty fruity pera.

Update your look to something more exotic

After eating and shopping all day, you might want to take a minute and have a break. Luckily, visitors to Little India can be pampered at several beauty shops along the strips that offer different kinds of services. Have your hands soothes and decorated with traditional brown henna dye during a mehndi session, or relax and have your eyebrows shaped with gentle threading instead of wax. Ladies, spend the afternoon chatting with the friendly locals and sport a brand new look by the end of your adventure.