Best Chocolate Restaurants and Dessert Bars in NYC

Good news chocolate lovers: Studies suggests that the more you eat, the lower your risk of heart disease

Chocolate Restaurants and Dessert Bars in NYC

Nowadays, around the world people are turning to chocolate to show love, celebrate holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and even birthdays. Recently studies have even suggests that the more chocolate you eat, the lower your risk of hear disease. Luckily - New York City is home to a number chocolate themed restaurants.

Our love affair with the fermented, roasted ground cacao seeds began at least 4,000 years ago in Mesoamerica when long ago, chocolate was prized to cure sickness, appease gods and even ward off scorpions and sustain warriors. We won't go too deep into the history of chocolates but here's a good read on it.

Chocolate restaurants and dessert bars makes the perfect location for you to take a loved one with a chocolate addiction for their birthday or even for Valentine’s Day and even if you are just perusing for a spot to enjoy nice decadent desserts, these top full-service confectionary eateries in NYC ought to be on your radar.

  • The Chocolate Room

    51 5th Ave, Park Slope - Brooklyn

    The Chocolate Room
    The Chocolate Room, a wine bar and chocolate-centric restaurant has been serving some of the highest-end chocolate desserts in Brooklyn since 2005.

    Featuring signature desserts, cakes, homemade ice cream, and shakes or floats. The signature desserts include brownie sundaes, Chocolate Room pudding, chocolate fondue for two, and banana split.

    Even Oprah herself (yes, Oprah) couldn't resist the Chocolate Room's three-layer Belgian chocolate layer cake, but other favorites include the hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows, brownie sundaes and chocolate caramel popcorn chocolate.

    For those who doesn’t live in Brooklyn or don’t have time to stop in, there’s an online store for anyone who wishes to get their hands on the chocolaty treats.

  • Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar

    11 West 31st Street, Manhattan - website

    Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar
    With two locations in Manhattan, Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar is a great spot for couples looking for romantic evening. On Sundays, they offer “Couple’s Night Out” which with advance reservation will provide “cozy candlelit table” decorated with rose petals and complementary Jacque Torres truffles end the night right.

    Boasting five varieties of chocolate martinis including Strawberry, Mint, Raspberry, Almond and of course the Classic. That’s four more than most establishments and chocolate dessert menu consisting of truffles by Xocolatti and Jacque Torres, and an array of desserts from Chocolate Pizza to Dark Chocolate Fondue.

    Groupon offers date night package for a limited time which includes: a cheese platter with 5 cheeses, 3 small plates from the appetizer menu and
    2 chocolate martinis per person.View Deal

  • ChikaLicious Dessert Bar

    NYC 203 East 10th Street, Manhattan - website

    Chikalicious Dessert Bar NYC If you want fun, fresh, and innovative desserts, this is the dessert-only place to go in NYC. Praised as one of the best places to get an ingeniously realized chocolate dessert. This is a very small and intimate eatery that seats just 20 people at a time. The beauty of this establishment is the fact that it is built around an open kitchen where you can watch the pastry chefs craft with intensity like a world class artists.

    Chikalicious has a rotating menu that changes every day and line can be seen out the door.

  • Spot Dessert Bar NYC

    13 Saint Marks Place, Manhattan - website

    Spot Dessert Bar
    The Spot Dessert Bar is a truly unique dessert spot by world-renown chef Ian Chalermkittichai. When you enter, you are walking into a creative new world full of delicious tastes and flavors. This bar utilizes unique ingredients such as Yuzu, Kobacha, and Green Tea in order to give their customer’s a luxurious dining experience.

    The number one seller at the Spot Dessert Bar is the Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake. It is a warm cushy dark chocolate cake with green tea ice cream. Their dessert menu is loaded with cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, ice cream, sorbet, hot drinks, bubble teas, and so much more.

  • Max Brenner

    841 Broadway, Manhattan - website

    Max Brenner
    Max Brenner is a chocolate bar that promises to help remind you of your love for chocolate. They offer thick chocolate milkshakes, creamy chocolate fondue, and delicious chocolate pastries. The chocolate theme is alive, well, and expressed everywhere within their bar. From the designs, the music, and the menu – you will be swimming in all things chocolate.

    The first thing you want to try at Max Brenner is their $5.95 chocolate shot. It is a concentrated shot of chocolate and sends dark heavenly goodness cruising through your veins in a matter of seconds. They also have a wide range of hot chocolate flavors for you to choose from including:

    • Chocolate
    • Italian Thick
    • Mexican Spicy
    • Swiss Whipped
    • Choco-Pops
    • Hazelnut

    To top everything off, they also have a full selection of chocolate milkshakes, cookies, cakes, waffles, and fondue! They even have delicious fruit smoothies, if you need something a bit milder to complement all the chocolate.

  • Taureau NYC (sweet fondue)

    558 Broome Street, Manhattan

    Taureau NYC
    Taureau in NYC sells lots of different types of fondue. Patrons can enjoy and choose from a wide selection of cheese fondue and dessert fondue. While this is not an exclusively chocolate establishment, they do have chocolate fondue which is delicious.

    Taureau is a popular place to go because it has more than just chocolate. Just because your spouse is a fan of chocolate does not mean you feel the same way. With this bar, you can enjoy cheese, marshmallow, or many other dessert fondues. They offer a little something for everyone.

So Is This A Good Idea?

You might be asking yourself – is going to one of these chocolate bars really a good idea? After all, eating your weight in chocolate isn’t exactly healthy. What a lot of people do not know is there are a lot of health benefits to having a little chocolate in your life. As long as you do not over indulge yourself or spend a lot of time at these dessert bars, you will be fine.

When Should You Go?

Valentine’s Days, after dinner dates, or as a birthday surprise are some of the best reasons to take someone to one of these chocolate themed businesses. If you are having a date night, consider eating elsewhere then taking her or him to one of these chocolate connoisseurs to finish off the evening.

As you can see, New York doubles as a chocolate covered city. From chocolate cheese cakes to chocolate fondue, you can turn your chocolate fantasies into reality in NYC. Between these six establishments, you should have no trouble finding the perfect chocolate dessert for your craving.

photo credit: The Chocolate Room, Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar, Robyn Lee, Spot Dessert Bar, Max Brenner, Taureau