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Manhattan Sailing School and Sailing Clubs in NYC

Being surrounded by water, it makes sense that NYC has it’s fair share of sailing clubs to turn to – right?

Well, not really… so, if you like a bit of a nautical adventure or want to embark in a bit of sea voyage with others, we’ve compiled some of the best sailing school and clubs in the city. Here are some of the most reputable sailing establishments, boasting open policies that make it easy for new members to blend in and make the most of this exciting activity!

Manhattan Sailing School ( Manhattan Yacht Club )

Beginning of 2015 the Manhattan Yacht Club's main facility is relocated to the Liberty Harbor Marina, Jersey City website

Manhattan Yacht Club and Sailing School

For serious city sailors, students will get great introduction to the world of sailing while testing their mental, emotional, and physical strength. After basic sailing, try a more intensive sailing courses like the Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Chartering, or join the friendly club for unlimited seasonal access to the fleet that is conveniently located creating a sense of camaraderie through a shared passion of sailing.

Established in 1987, it is one of the premium clubs in the city with a fleet of more than 30 house-owned boats and quite a magnificent sight when they are all out in full force.

Fully inclusive school open to teaching newbies how to sail, it's a great club for sailing lessons in NYC as well as social calls in the world of sailing – definitely worthwhile look if you relish a chance to meet a friend of a friend of a friend, and a little more sea-worthy by the end of the training!

Hudson River Community Sailing

West 26th Street & 12th Avenue Pier 66 Boathouse website

Hudson River Community Sailing

The Hudson River Community Sailing club is one of the more popular clubs out there due to it's open arms policy. From the "City Sail Summer Program" for educating young sailors to the long-term "Academy" education, The Hudson River welcomes anyone whose interested in sailing the high sea rather than keeping it exclusive.

If you are looking to join an open and inclusive sailing community this is also a good place to start.

Atlantic Yachting

79th Street Boat Basin website

Atlantic Yachting

Day camps, sailing lessons and private charters are three of the biggest reasons to consider Atlantic Yachting. Their private boat charter NYC are especially recommended for those seeking a romantic, picturesque boat cruise and relaxing escape on the Hudson with the "perfect crew".

Also garnered a reputation for their school of professionalism, the well-organized teachings will ensure you pick up all the major subjects in rigging, docking, hoisting sails, knots, jibing and tacking, and rescuing crew overboard.

Offshore Sailing Club

Pier 25 in Tribeca website

Offshore Sailing Club

Offering club members "Unlimited Day Sailing" at this Manhattan sailing school, you get all the fun you could possibly need with Offshore Sailing Club. They are professional around when it comes to setting sail and are particularly keen to just get involved seven days a week, and welcomes any new members wishing to jibe and tack the high sea.

Opened since 1964, Offshore has access to a fleet of novice-friendly Colgate 26 designed by Steve Colgate, the club's founder himself, instructions are taught both on land and water, from Pier 25 in Tribeca sailing out into the Long Island Sound.

The beginners’ classes are limited to four students per boat—adults or kids over three daylong sessions, almost all spent on the water ($695 to $895). Advance classes as also available as well — check out the website for updated prices.

photo credit: Michael Rutkowski