Familiarize Yourself with Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Greenpoint Waterfront, Brooklyn

Whether the city is your daily playground or you are one of the unfamiliar, the section of Brooklyn known as Greenpoint is a unique place to explore. New residents coming to the region and the demographic composition changing, it is a whole new Brooklyn nestled in the old.

Demographically, Greenpoint has changed in recent years. The last ten years have seen this neighborhood change from one that had an older and middle-aged crowd to now as the hub of young New York. Partly due to its low cost of living relative to the more mature neighbor - Manhattan or Williamsburg.

Locals who have not explored this neighborhood in a while will find this community has changed with trendsetters and hipsters of a younger generation exploring and working here. With the change in population also come a change in attractions as well. Greenpoint is home of the production of Girls, a popular HBO show served to highlight the beauty of this region. Tourists flock to the region to touch a part of entertainment and those that live in the area feel the younger crowd’s presence.

Greenpoint is quickly becoming a neighborhood with a faster way of life. This is not only the result of the entertainment industry’s new residence here but also in the stress being placed on transportation. As any New Yorker knows, the subway system can get busy. Expect delays when going to Greenpoint because the population boom here has seen the G-Train being stretched to its max and the subway system reaching capacity on most days. Be prepared for delays and plan your travel accordingly.

New restaurantsare being opened and new stores are being established. For that reason, this portion of Brooklyn is worth a second look and recommended on anyone’s first trip to NYC.

For anyone who has been to New York City or are lucky enough to call it home, Brooklyn is a source of pride. New Yorkers know that some of the most amazing and famous celebrities in music, movies, and business saw their roots extend up from the concrete jungle that is this region of NYC. With different neighborhoods and sections comprising Brooklyn, knowing just where to go and what to do can become overwhelming.