New York Trip Planner - Tools to Operate NYC Like a Pro

New York Trip Planner - Tools to Operate NYC Like a Pro

Whether you are a local New Yorker or first time visiting the sprawling urban jungle such as New York City, to keep you from getting lost in all the hustle, bustle and distractions, take some time to plan and organize your trip to NYC.

It won't be a walk in the park and will require some sacrifice since you have to come to terms that YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SEE EVERYTHING IN ONE TRIP (sorry/ not sorry all caps). Yep, New York does that to you.

Once you get back to reality, get ready to conquer your life in New York and more importantly, enjoy the city as you planned it.

Depending on the time of year or day - follow these simple advices to keep you from loosing track of your goal and ultimately your cool.

Okay then, before going further - know that discovering New York City is also pretty awesome when in "go with flow" mode - that's also a matter of personality so let's moving on.

1. Divide Your Time Fairly

  • How much time will you truly be at a certain place, event or an activity?

    Over estimate a little, it will help you spend your time smartly and use any free time to just to relax and enjoy the fact that you are in New York City. As a matter a fact, download the NYC Subway Trip Planner, it plans your commuting including trip time and schedule (you can thank me later).

    Prioritize. Think quality over quantity - instead of cramming as much activities as possible within little time frame, prioritize the few things that really matters and overestimate the time you need to spend them. You'll be happier and less stressed knowing that you have given enough quality time to enjoy rather than rushing it through under stress.

  • Leave for your destination earlier

    When every minute counts, most of us are afraid to arrive too early and be left standing around with nothing to do with ourselves. Luckily, nowadays most of us have a smart phone so this part's a little bit easier.

    So to really get this part right, you'll have to seriously make a conscious effort to arrive early. That means even planning to waiting 5, 10 or even 15 minutes before your scheduled time. The best part? Plan a task or two while you wait! Which technically means you are not really waiting at all, you are instead arriving early to get s**t done. It's a win win!

2. Use the right tools

  • Do smart things with your smart phone

    You can download smartphone apps that can help you navigate the streets, such as Google Map or Transit App (which doesn't need downloading at all) to help you properly arrive at your favorite New York restaurants and bars or cool activities and events. The navigation feature alone will be priceless especially for visitors.

  • Set your alarm

    This sounds like a no brainer, but most people don't do it; and we're not talking about just setting an alarm so you can wake up in the morning either.

    In order to make your time in NYC enjoyable and stress free, make sure you make a schedule for yourself. Remember planning your day?

    Now if do that part properly, then this should be a no brainer. An alarm is just a simple reminder where you are in the day, what you've done and what to look forward to next.

3. The Run Down

  1. Plan your day: Not just work, chores or errands. Plan fun times too! Lots of it. Trust us, you'll feel a lot better having fun knowing that you got some must do's done.
  2. Over estimate your required time - so you don't set your self up for stress and disappointments.
  3. Leave early and arrive early - Use the extra time to accomplish small tasks that can be done in less than 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Such as confirming that massage appointments, sending an e-mail or two, find a date spot, call mom, dad, siblings, etc...
  4. To make things much easier for you to accomplish, use mobile apps or if you prefer to go old-school, use a notepad. Not only can they help you with scheduling, the navigation feature mentioned above is also a huge time saver.

    Make a list of where you want to go, on which days, and the maximum amount of time to ensure you get the full enjoyment out of each place or event. Then set the alarm on your cell phone for those times. Use mobile apps that you can download.

Following these simple tips will help you keep your sanity, confidence and be in control of how you like to spend time in NYC. ( Especially for visitors when there’s SO MUCH TO SEE! )

Taking the time to think about where you want to go and making clear decisions beforehand will allow you to have the Best Time Ever. Take it a step at a time and like the old saying goes, "If you can make it here - You can make it anywhere".