Indulgence Burger

The $250 Indulgence Kobe Burger at Beer and Buns...

The $250 Indulgence Kobe Burger at Beer and Buns

Burgers! Burgers! And more burgers! That's what you will find at Beer and Buns.

Located in Midtown, Chef Nok developed the menu of burgers by combining the traditional American beef patties but with spices from the orient. Regular hamburger and sliders are on the menu but if you want to try their ultimate burger, the Indulgence Burger fits the bill. Coming in at a hefty price of $250 this burger is for one those fill in the blank occasions.

The Indulgence burger. That’s what it’s referred to as. Made with Kobe beef, pancetta, wine-sautéed foie gras, white truffles and beluga caviar. You can understand the price because this burger is pure Indulgence.