Hollywood Stunts NYC

Stunt School in Brooklyn - Adrenaline Rush at Hollywood Stunts...

Stuntman Training School in NYC - Perform Stunt

Stunt School in Brooklyn - Adrenaline Rush at Hollywood Stunts

Get the biggest dose of adrenaline rush by training with seasoned pros at Hollywood Stunts, a stuntman school located down a typical alley in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

Take amateur one day course or multi-day/weeks intensive training in High Fall, Rappelling, Action Trampoline, Bull Dogging, Stair Falls, Window Penetration, Breakaways, Fire Gags, Car Hits, Near Misses, You name it!

Lined with box trucks and wooden palettes, inside is a Costco sized space filled with stunt trampolines, gymnastics equipment, and an over-sized air cushion often seen in ... Hollywood stunts! The towering space perfectly accommodate for the main attraction of the stunt lessons, the high fall. Aspiring stuntman learn the basics then gradually make higher and higher falls, rolling out of the air cushion below with bragging rights and an adjusted sense of gravity.

Hollywood Stunts
73 West Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222