Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Brooklyn Night Bazaar: Asia Inspired Night Market in Greenpoint...

Brooklyn Night Bazaar: Asia Inspired Night Market in Greenpoint

Inspired by the night markets of SouthEast Asia, The Brooklyn Night Bazaar is now a year-round bustling affair. Literally the jacks of all trades, the bazaar features live music, gourmet and spirits vendors, a beer garden, vintage and hand-crafted merchandise (think Etsy but in REAL LIFE) plus all sort of indoor sport entertainments including mini golf, ping-pong, arcades and pool tables. Wow!

Situated in a 24,000 sqft former bakery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn Night Bazaar opens year-round Saturdays and Sundays (6pm - Midnight) and by day, it shares the ginormous space with a pretzel factory and other existing food distributors. Food Vendors includes Luke's Lobster, Pok Pok NY, Arancini from Arborio King, and rebellious tacos by Oaxaca. Vintage-style apparels, accessories and crafts by Folk Rebellion, Brooklyn Warriors Guild, Bang Shoes, Lime Green plus many more.

Completely free market to enter, so check it out one weekend - unless y'know, you just hate fun and food and free WiFi and creativity. It's every single weekend, so you don't feel pressured to buy all your gifts and handmade beauties at once.

**Every Saturday + Sunday (6PM - Midnight)