Delicious Venezuelan Arepas at Respectable Price...

Delicious Venezuelan Arepas at Respectable Price

Caracas Arepas Bar is the mecca of Arepas in New York City. With 18 delicious varieties served steaming hot, filled with shredded chicken or beef and fresh hints of onion, tomato, coriander, pepper just to name a few... Originally opened in East Village, CAB has now also spun-off it's original favorites to 2 additional locations in Brooklyn and 1 in Rockaway.

New York Times

...the pale gold arepas. Crisp without, tender within, they can be stuffed more than a dozen different ways. Melting, mozzarella-like cheese tames pickled jalapeños and sliced, grilled, spicy chorizo in the muchacho ($5.50). La del gato ($4.95) mixes savory Guayanés cheese, sweet fried plantains and creamy, ripe slices of avocado. The daily special arepas — like the sueña, filled with chicken, avocado and chorizo, with a squirt of chimichurri — demonstrate that even after thee years of success, the kitchen at Caracas Arepa isn’t running on autopilot. read more