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Mission Escape Games NYC - Live Escape Room Adventure...

Live Escape the Room Games in NYC

Mission Escape Games NYC - Live Escape Room Adventure

You are locked in a room with ten other people and with an hour to escape the room, the clock is ticking - the intensity builds - and so the adventure begins.

This is the Mission Escape Games. With a moderator providing intermittent clues, a group of people has to work together, overcome obstacles with increasing difficulty and collaborate effectively if they hope to exploit the adrenaline-inducing feat successfully.

The experience makes for a unique leisure or a team building adventure, perfect for a group of friends or colleagues and an activity you won't soon forget. Who knows, you may even make new friends, as singles will be teamed up with others to experience the mission.

Mission Escape Games is located in Chinatown, with various missions to choose from, such are the horror themed “The Darkest Hour” or crime scene “Art Studio”, the cost is $28 per person but follow the link below to get 40% off on admission.

Mission Escape Games
55 Chrystie St
Ste. 210
New York, NY 10002