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Modern Italian American Comfort Food in Little Italy NYC | Parm...

Modern Italian American Comfort Food in Little Italy NYC | Parm

Located on Mulberry Street, Parm offers up classic Italian-American favorites such as the parmigiana sandwiches, baked ziti and garlic knots in ways that is just a better version of itself, made fresh in-house, including the mozzarella and the dough.

Chefs Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone studied culinary techniques with some of the best and applied them to traditional comfort food that Italian-Americans ( and Americans that aren’t Italian ) crave.

Add in goodies such as pizza knots that are warm and covered in grated cheese, mozzarella balls coated with crunchy sea-salt in shallow ocean of olive oil and (meatball, chicken, eggplant) parmigiana sandwiches served on fresh semolina rolls with baked ziti or a salad on the side and you know you are getting hearty fare.

How Much?

Aside from the nightly specials, everything is on the menu is under $17. Order a meatball parmigiana on a sesame roll, side of pizza knot and bottle of Genesse ale all for under $20.