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Chicken and Waffles at Do or Dine
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Do or Dine


It's like the mafia of Michelin-starred runaways at Do or Dine, where made men from The Modern and Daniel have decamped to slum it, Bed-Stuy-style. Finding this place will try the patience of a saint, but here's a hint: look for the awning heralding West Indian takeout. This renegade establishment is bedecked with decoupage tabletops, black and white mosaic tile floor, and a disco-ball spinning above. The "one fish two fish" charred sardine starter pitched with capers, toasted hazelnuts, and mizuna; and "pork renderloin", cooked in duck fat, fanned across sweet-and-sour braised red cabbage and paired with roasted apple ensconced in wasabi marshmallow are just two examples of the buonissima cucina that emerges from the tiny kitchen. -Michelin guide 2013

NY Times

The smoked salmon pâté arrived in an ashtray. “Breadblunt?” a waiter murmured, proffering breadsticks from a battered Dutch Masters cigar box. A disco ball winked lazily above. Outside it was Bed-Stuy, Do or Die — hence, the pun of the restaurant’s name: Do or Dine... The whole scene sounds too ironic, too hipster-ish, too Brooklyn.

Instead, it is charming. . .

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