Sunday Bingo at The Standard Grill ...

Sunday Bingo at The Standard Grill

Sunday night is bingo night and The Standard High Line has breathed new life into both the grill and the game. This evening activity lets the night owls take a breather from the more wild or informal activities that New York has to offer. The bingo night is an expansion of the bingo offered up in Miami.

The Sunday night bingo is open to a wide variety of patrons looking for a little something different from the regular mix of clubs, bars and special events held around the city. This event caters to a more laid back crowd. You are encouraged to come and see for yourself just what the bingo is all about because the event isn't something that can be explained but instead must be experienced.

The cost depends on just how much fun and drink you want to have for the night. You can spend as little or as much as you want to enjoy the evening.

photo credit: Leo Reynold

The Standard High Line
848 Washington Street
New York, NY