NYC West Village Coed Dodgeball And Bar-Party!...

NYC West Village Coed Dodgeball And Bar-Party!

Hey everyone! You should probably come run around like a kid for a while, play a game, then share a beer. That seems like a good plan.

Gym: 7-9:30pm

St. Luke in the Fields School Gym
487 Hudson St.

After game sponsor bar: 9:30pm-whenevvvver

Barrow Street Ale House
15 Barrow St.

Always good to find some quality new folk.
So come be that quality new folk! We're always looking for new people so come join us! Who is us? Every season there are 65-80 people every Wednesday to come dodge balls and/or drink beers with. Win win.
Gym shorts and sneakers are good, but people come in jeans and it's no'll just be a little sweatier than the rest of us!
Meet people, run around, break up the work week, play a sport, have a drink...whatever your agenda or skill level, it's all good - just a good group of people to hang out with! All the cool kids are doing wouldn't want to not be a cool kid would you?! We have a league on the Upper East Side where we play pickup games Wednesdays as well - so feel free to come check out one, the other, or both! Come on by!
Any questions, don't hesitate! We'll get back to you!