Frames VIP Bowling Lane

VIP Bowling Alleys in Manhattan: Frames Bowling NYC...

VIP Bowling Alleys in Manhattan: Frames Bowling NYC

Frames VIP bowling lanes provide the ultimate party experience. The swanky bowling lair features two sexy side by side lanes, leather couches, flat-screen TVs, projector screen, and state-of-the-art sound system. Patrons also have access to Frame's full-service bar, billiards lounge, and dance club. The VIP room provide a sense of privacy and luxury for the ultimate nightlife experience.

Party options

Frames caters to a variety of people. People of all ages are welcome until 8pm. After that, only people 21+ may enter. Frames also offers several different party options ranging from team building exercises with co-workers to black tie events.

Bottom line

The VIP rooms require a reservation with at least 10 people. Everyone must be over 18. VIP room charges are $4 per person for 1 hour, and $7 per person for 2 hours, in addition to any bowling and food/drink purchases. Lane rental is $60/hr before 5pm and $75/hr after 5pm.