MORNING GLORYVILLE NYC - Jump Start Your Day with a Rave!...

MORNING GLORYVILLE NYC - Jump Start Your Day with a Rave!

An immersive morning dance experience for those who dare to start their day in style! Only for the bRAVE!

Morning Gloryville NYC

On arrival you will be greeted by your very own 'Wake-up Angels'. Do you need a coffee or a freshly-made smoothie? Do you need a back rub or your head in a bucket of icy water? We all have our own unique ways of waking up and Morning Gloryville has gathered a troop to meet all your AM needs.

What You Get?:

* wake-up massage stations
* more love than you'll find at your local unicorn ranch
* a superfood smoothie & juice bar
* a coffee kiosk
* an incredible motivating dance team
* NYC's most talented DJs


DJ Erica Rhone

And more acts Tba!


Morning Gloryville is a growing social movement. It is a powerful celebration of the magic of life. To come together and dance consciously, shake off our inhibitions, re-discover and unleash our beautiful authentic selves, connect with other beautiful authentic beings, re-discover the natural highs and fun we experienced as kids, feel empowered, energized, feel the love and positivity that oozes through the space, and plug into the energy of oneness, is something inspirational.

With our hearts and minds open and expansive, we dance into the world with more love for life and faith in humanity. The magic is contagious, and even if just for a day, your city becomes a more joyful place.

Morning Gloryville is bringing conscious clubbing and socializing to the world stage. It is encouraging creative collaboration and community. It is meeting fear and materialism with acceptance and love. It’s bringing flower power back.

Believe it. Be a part of it.

This is an ALL AGES event. Children 12 and under are FREE.
Please have the little ones wear ear protectors :)

Wed, November 11th 2015
55 Washington Square S.
Judson Church
New York, NY 10012