L'Apicio Dining Area

Award-Winning Italian-Inspired Cuisine in East Village: L'Apicio...

Award-Winning Italian-Inspired Cuisine in East Village: L'Apicio

Having also won the best meatball dish of NYC in 2012, L'Apicio is chef Gabe Thompson's Italian-Inspired eatery where you'll find "house-made pastas, smaller spuntini and piattino for sharing, and larger entrée plates, plus steak and branzino to eat family-style".

The award-winning spicy tenders pork balls are cradled in a slate of smooth and airy parmesan polenta served with bacon amatriciana sauce. A complex gentle balance of intense flavor that is also light and velvety with hints of smoky-ness.

Award Winning Meatballs by  L'Apicio

The silky-smooth polenta dishes as well as the pasta and appetizers are all so expertly prepared that simply these starting dishes alone will make the night out at this joint very gratifying.

Inside, you’ll find a roomy lounge area to sip cocktails and have small bites, beautiful dark wood bar seats 12 high-tops, and private dining room that seats 35. On the drinks menu, half of the wine list consist of domestic label, (and why not? Americans are so interesting right now), craft beers - local and European varieties, as well as cocktails with meaningful names like Dirty Spicy Martini, Manhattan in the Fall and Cherry Bourbon Smash.

L'Apicio bar area