Zohar's Bakery
Zohar's Bakery Alfajhores
Zohar's Bakery Shoshanim (roses) in chocolate
Zohar's Bakery Chocolate Snowballs

Traditional Homemade Pastries in East Village: Zucker Bakery...

Traditional Homemade Pastries in East Village: Zucker Bakery

Owner and head baker Zohar Zohar offers a fresh selection of twelve pastries daily at this East Village home-style bakery, representing traditional Eastern European cookies and pastries incorporating flavors of Israel and other countries. The Homemade cookies and pastries at this Israeli East Village pastry shop/ café are moderately sweet with the ultimate goal of Zucker Bakery to provide artisanal delicacies where sugar doesn't override distinct flavors and spices.

Zohar's carefully selected recipes were inspired and passed down from family and friends, with each pastry representing a unique and personal story. Treats on offer include cinnamon rolls inspired by Zohar's mother-in-law and called “Shoshanim” (roses) in chocolate, almond and brown sugar or dates and Jewish halva. You can also try the Alfajhores, a dulce de leche filled cookie sandwich rolled in coconut flakes or the popular chocolate snowballs flavored with coffee and rolled in coconut flakes. Don't forget to order a Stumptown coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and enjoy in the cozy living-room style seating inspired by the owner's grandmother.