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The Most Creative New York Bagels in Brooklyn: The Bagel Store...

The Most Creative New York Bagels in Brooklyn: The Bagel Store

At first glance it looks like any other bagel shops - but with an extensive lineup of hybrid bagels and creative sandwiches options, The Bagel Store is anything but your typical breakfast bagel joint.

Located in Williamsburg, this Brooklyn bagel haven was founded by Scot Rossillo, the “World’s Premiere Bagel Artist”, to provide handcrafted artisanal bagels using only natural and preservative-free ingredients.

Featuring an extraordinary variety of hybrid bagels such as the “Cragel” – a combination of croissant and bagel which means they are buttery, light and softer then their classic dense cousins. They're really good.

The Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel – literally the name of the bagel baked in, it is savory, fatty, peppery with bits of bacon embedded and is also best by making it in to a Bacon, Egg & Cheese "double". That’s right, a bacon, egg and cheese bagel sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese bagel! (Now try saying that twice as fast)

Among the classic assortments, other gourmet fusions includes, - French toast bagel, pretzel bagel, rainbow bagel, chocolate cragel and many more. Top it off with one of the many creative homemade cream cheese varieties, with flavors like Nutella, red velvet, spinach & artichoke and tomato, bacon, scallion (TBS).

Location is small, good for takeaway breakfast, lunch or a quick snack. Seating is limited and prices are on the high side for some.

The Bagel Store
754 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211