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Fondue Restaurant in NYC, Pot of Velvety Cheese or Sweets: Taureau...

Fondue Restaurant in NYC, Pot of Velvety Cheese or Sweets: Taureau

Offering an huge array of cheese, meat (oil-base) or sweet fondue, Taureau in Soho is for fondue lovers. The restaurant's atmosphere is cozy, laid-back, intimate and romantic - perfect for a date-night on a wintery evening or a mellow fondue experience. Chef Didier Pawlicki, formerly of Soho’s La Sirene, presents an array of both oil- , sweet- and cheese-based fondue, from the traditional Swiss style to tangy Cheddar Monterey and a truffle oil-infused grana padano.

Thirty-eight tightly-lined seats encourage mingling and romance: Truffle lovers may start with Perigord fondue, a truffle infused creation of a cheese fondue dressed with black truffle pieces; or the Soprano, a deeply pleasing union of nutmeg, Gran Padano and American. Follow by filet mignon fondue Bourguignonne with red-wine broth and for dessert, fresh fruits, marshmallows dipped in decadent dark chocolate lava.

...The divide between dark and milk chocolate lovers vanishes when faced with both fondues here—milk and dark served with fresh fruits and velvety marshmallows.