Sword Class NYC

Sword Fighting Classes in NYC...

Sword Fighting Classes in NYC

Sword Class NYC is just what it sounds like, classes learning how to hold your own with a sword. Your weapon of choice? Real Katana style sword, Kendo – Japanese fencing or the German Long Sword. These classes are for people interested in discipline, dedication and challenges both physical and mental. While someone might have taken an interest in fantasy and want to learn how to use a sword, these classes are about spiritual balance, physical determination, grace and respect not just swinging a sword around.

Founded in 2009, Sword Class NYC is a satellite school of the Sung Moo Kwan Kendo Academy. It is the only school in the US to offer the two sword styles, eastern and western together to encourage comparisons, exploration and discourse between the two forms.

Raab Rashi is the owner and head instructor for Sword Class NYC in Siljun Dobup (Real Sword Training) and Kendo. Tristan Zukowski is the head instructor for the German Longsword. Classes are given at the Ripley Gier Studios on 8th Avenue.

How Much?
- 1 Class: $30
- 4 Classes: $100
- Unlimited Classes: $165/ Month
- Private Class $250 / Hour

New students can try an introductory class for $10.

photo credit: Sword Class NYC