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Return of the Iconic Empire Diner...

Return of the Iconic Empire Diner

A diner with that 50's greasy spoon feel plus a modern menu, the Empire Diner in Chelsea has been through several renovations but has maintained both its sleek streamlined exterior and its original interior design. Grab a seat at the counter, find a booth or a table and enjoy the stainless steel accents with black and white ceramic floor tiling so you can feel like you're taking a step back in time.

The menu, however, won't be anything old school. Chef Amanda Freitag has updated the menu with dishes such as the buffalo skate wing, which is ray saturated with Frank's Hot Sauce and served over a salad of carrot and celery ribbons, and the daily green plate special. Traditional diner food such as a burger and fries weren't overlooked so you'll not leave the Empire Diner feeling slighted of an old fashioned meal with a new modern twist.