Best Culinary Schools ( Cooking and Baking Classes ) in NYC

Cooking and baking classes in NYC - Get hands on with these top culinary schools in the 5 boroughs

Institute of Culinary Education

225 Liberty Street, New York 20281
Institute of Culinary Education NYC

Institute of Culinary Education NYC - Award Winning Cooking School...

Institute of Culinary Education NYC - Award Winning Cooking School

New York City’s oldest and most well known culinary school is now its’ newest and most innovative. In April 2015, ICE moved from its longtime place in Flatiron Centre to 225 Liberty Street in Brookfield location. The new Lower Manhattan environment stretches across 74,000 square feet, having the Hudson River outlook to the West as well as the World Trade Center views to the East. The new Culinary School is equipped with the most up-to-date high-tech equipment such as, an indoor hydroponic herb and vegetable farm.

This brand new facility comprises of:

  1. Twelve teaching kitchens
  2. Six lecture spaces extended over a single expansive floor,
  3. Four accredited career training programs,
  4. Professional advancement opportunities,
  5. Recreational cooking workshops and special events,
  6. A student lounge room with floor-to-ceiling windows and
  7. A brand new culinary library - all just steps from Brookfield's riverfront park with spaces for dining, meetings and also relaxation.

Established by Peter Kump in 1975. The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) offers well-regarded 8 to 13-month professional training programs in Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, Pastry & Baking, as well as Hospitality Management.

ICE is widely acknowledged as the ultimate pathway to get started or else continue in the culinary profession, with highly specialize and committed chef-instructors, a solid track record in job placements, a comprehensive international curriculum in addition to providing a clear entrepreneurial focus.
The institute also operates the largest program of practical recreational cooking, baking courses and wine education in the United States.

The Latest State-of-the-Art Equipment at ICE Brookfield Place:

  • a. Cooking classrooms furnished with gas, French top and induction burners, featuring the complete selection of most popular cooking methods around the world.
  • b. Pastry kitchens equipped with steam-injected triple deck ovens, Hobart mixers, blast freezers, high volume dough sheeters, specialty chocolate equipment, and much more.
  • c. The Culinary Technology Laboratory also showcasing modernist cooking appliances, in addition to rotisserie, specialty tandoor, plancha and also stone hearth ovens.
  • d. A featured kitchen complete with a Jade island selections – well suited for teaching “brigade” style cooking

Institute of Culinary Education was a finalist and also winner of the International Association of Culinary Professionals' for the year 2002, 2003, 2006, and 2008 Awards of Excellence for Culinary Schools. The ICE students as well as the Alumni are more often... read more

Momofuku Baking Class

382 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn 11211
Momofuku Milk Bar layered cake

Momofuku Milk Bar's Pastry and Baking Classes in NYC...

Momofuku Milk Bar's Pastry and Baking Classes in NYC

Learn to Bake Momofuku Milk Bar's signature treats with Momofuku’s top notch baking team, "one delicious treat at a time". where students will grasp every techniques needed to whip up popular toothsome treats from the acclaimed cookbook (plus some newer recipes) at home.

Pastry and baking classes in NYC are held on Saturdays lasting 2 hours per class with the option of either the 11am or 3pm time slot. And in case if you're wondering, yes you can take home everything you bake.

Appropriate for all ages and levels of expertise, classes are $95/participant and you can register as an individual or in groups of up to 12 at a time.

Sur la table

306 West 57th, New York 10019
Sur la table Hell's Kitchen

Cooking Classes at Sur-la-table...

Cooking Classes at Sur-la-table

Whether you want to host a dinner party but nervous about cooking or looking to impress that special someone, check out Sur la table's offering of cooking classes for variety of cuisines and handful of themed occasions. Depends what gets you percolating, options from baking your own delicate macaroons, decorating sweet pastry dough, to whipping heart-warming rustic Italian dishes, the classes will get you prepped for the basics, learn some tricks, eat delicious food and mingle with friends and strangers. Held at their Hell's Kitchen location, seats goes fast, so reserve in advance.

The Brooklyn Kitchen

100 Frost Street, Brooklyn 11211
The Brooklyn Kitchen

Cooking Classes NYC | The Brooklyn Kitchen Teaches Gastronomic Arts...

Cooking Classes NYC | The Brooklyn Kitchen Teaches Gastronomic Arts

It all started out as an idea over dinner, and in 2013, expanded to a Manhattan location where the Brooklyn Kitchen continues to offer the wildly popular cooking classes.

The classes, which helped Brooklyn Kitchen bust out of its first location when introduced in 2008 are "technique-based" and recreationally driven. So expect fun, relaxed and collaborative experience and all the while, walking out with a brand new gastronomic skills.

Brooklyn Kitchen also now provides two locations for aspiring amateur chefs to get quality cooking tools and find "ingredient-driven" grocery selection.

This homegrown shop is stocked with chefs tools for both serious cooks while new-to-the-neighborhood twenty-somethings filling their cabinets with essential plates, pots and pans. Kitchen knives near the register give the store a hard look, "but a selection of vintage enamel pieces, handmade dishcloths, locally made Hammersmith copper mixing bowls, and a resident dog named Woody adds some quirk.

photo credit: M.P. Foss via NY Mag

Sur la table

306 West 57th, New York 10019
Sur la table Hell's Kitchen

Sur-la-Table Culinary Schools in NYC ...

Sur-la-Table Culinary Schools in NYC

Whether you are looking to host an impressive dinner party or prefer to let food open doors for the mingling, Sur la Table's offering of culinary classes on various cuisines and cooking styles will lend a handful of food-inspired occasions.

See what gets you percolating from baking your own delicate macaroons, decorating sweet pastry dough to whipping heart-warming rustic Italian dishes, the classes will get you prepped for the basics, learn some tricks, eat delicious food and mingle with friends and strangers.

Held at their Hell's Kitchen location, seats goes fast, so reserve in advance.

Sex on the Table

306 West 51st Street, New York 10019
Chef Fed Omakase

Aphrodisiac Cooking Class: Sex on the Table...

Aphrodisiac Cooking Class: Sex on the Table

ChefFed is a mad scientist in the kitchen, a chef without borders. Said to have brought fusion cuisine to Switzerland, ChefFed creates meals that defy cultural boundaries.

The tradition of cooking teaches us to use certain flavors in certain dishes, ignoring the fact that these ingredients often taste much more impressive when combined with surprising partners.


At Sex on the Table ChefFed uses organic aphrodisiacs in unexpected ways, such as white chocolate with Cilantro, Garlic with Grapefruit, and Anise with Watermelon. ChefFed, an award winning chef, sought-after flavor consultant, and Michelin star winner, creates an 8 course tasting menu that is sure to surprise and delight. Each course is more unexpected than the one before and the event culminates with a combination of flavors and textures that will amaze. Think immersion pump poached beef brisket with candied parsley leafs.

"At Sex on the Table Aphrodisiac Cooking Class you will whip up three courses of a specially tailored aphrodisiac menu where all five of your senses will be engaged with a seductive mix of textures, colors, & tantalizing smells and flavors..."

Pizza a Casa

371 Grand Street, New York 10002
Pizza making class at Pizza a Casa

Pizza Making and Cooking Class in NYC - Pizza a Casa...

Pizza Making and Cooking Class in NYC - Pizza a Casa

Translated to Pizza at home, Pizza a Casa, is the brainchild of Mark Bello who created a school offering pizza making class in NYC to anyone wishing to curb their own New York slice cravings at home and at anytime of the day.

The cooking school teaches how to make great pizza at home with classes that goes step-by-step from creating the dough to finishing it off with student’s very own ready-to-eat pie out of the oven as a result. The experience imitates the process of unique pie making while practicing the skills and techniques to take home and share with family and friends.

The classroom setup at Pizza a Casa gives students plenty of room to kneed, punch and toss the dough and purposely equipped with regular home ovens to demonstrate that the experience can be duplicated at home.

The pie making classes are fun for group of families and friends to have a unique eating experience. Go hungry and leave full of homemade pizza and with the knowledge of how to do it again at home.

Pizza a Casa

Join us for 4 hours of hands-on pizza making (and eating!) Yes, you can make incredible pizza in your home kitchen and here's where you'll learn how. You’ll start by mixing up the most workable dough you’ve ever made (or never made— beginners are welcome) and then go step-by-step through every detail of how to stretch, top and bake your pizzas to perfection. Come with your appetite— you will leave full and loaded with leftovers, dough for your next pizza feast, and the confidence to make your own unique pizzas that will have your friends and family talking and your favorite pizzeria wondering where you've been!

photo credit: Pizza a Casa

La Scuola at Eataly

200 Fifth Avenue, New York 10010
Truffle at Eataly

Italian Cooking Classes - La Scuola at Eataly NYC...

Italian Cooking Classes - La Scuola at Eataly NYC

Chef's Kitchen: Truffle Hunting with Eataly & Urbani - $200

Class Description:
One of Italy's most sought after hidden treasures, a cousin to the mushroom, is the elusive tartufo (truffle) and there is no better time during which to experience it than during the Fall and early Winter. October is prime tartufo season at Eataly. While most have enjoyed a shaving of black or white truffle on their pasta at a restaurant, not many have had the opportunity to take a closer look at this decadent ingredient or are familiar with how to use it in their own kitchen.

La Scuola Chef has created the perfect menu to showcase the tartufo nero & bianco (black and white truffle) and will demonstrate 4 dishes for you to enjoy, all of which will include fresh truffles, as Urbani's Vice President and truffle expert, Vittorio Giordano, discusses this prime holiday ingredient, in depth. Vittorio, who has been with Urbani for 13 years, will explain exactly what a truffle is, how they are foraged and even let you in on a few secrets of the truffle trade.

Dishes will be paired with wine and class will be complete with adapted recipes and wine tasting notes to take home.