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All Aboard The Gourmet Dinner Boat - The Water Table...

All Aboard The Gourmet Dinner Boat - The Water Table

A relaxing dinner and stunning view of the skyline while gently sailing around Manhattan? Then The Water Table is the perfect place to spend a charming night on the town.

Arriving at 7:30pm (or 6pm on Sundays), the guests can experience a cuisine based on wholesome foods originally found in Northern Maine, from lobster to spring salad to root beer floats for dessert.

Menu changes depending on what Captain Kelli Farwell desires, and although it is a prix fixe menu, he makes sure to get the food right on the mark. While it is not recommended you drink and boat (or drink and drive), the Water Table has a fully stocked bar with classic cocktails, spirits, wine, and beer. Just make sure you plan ahead, because the vessel sails Thursday through Sunday, and tend to fill quick (so reservations are recommended).