The Conservatory Garden

Victorian and European Gardens in NYC: The Central Park...

Victorian and European Gardens in NYC: The Central Park Conservatory Garden

Located in Central Park, the Conservatory Garden is a place to take a quiet and relaxing stroll through manicured lawns with seasonal flowerbeds and spans six acres.

This formal garden is sectioned off into three district styles of Italian, French and English. The main entrance to the Conservatory Garden is located on Fifth Avenue and is called the Vanderbilt Gate which is an iron gate made in Paris in 1894 and used to stand at the Vanderbilt mansion. The garden is a quiet zone but can be booked for weddings. At the center is the Frances Hodgeson Burnett Memorial Fountain, a tribute to the author of the children's book, The Secret Garden. The sculpture is of a girl and boy standing at one end of a water lilly pool and was created by Bessie Potter Vonnoh.