Learn to Shoot the Curls! Surf Lessons in Rockaway Beach...

New York Surf School

Learn to Shoot the Curls! Surf Lessons in Rockaway Beach

With just a 50-minute subway ride from most anywhere in New York City, you can be learning to surf the waves at Rockaway Beach thanks to cleverly named New York Surf School. If you've always had a desire to learn to surf but never been able to get to Hawaii, California or some other vacation get-away and think your wish can never come true -- Think again!

Lessons also include board shorts and wetsuits and post-hot showers and changing areas are located at the Surf Shop. Whether you're new to surfing or want a refresher course, Surf Lessons in New York will have you shooting the curls in no time.

Lessons run in two-hour blocks and with are given in groups of two or more people. Want a more one-on-one attention? Individual lessons are available and if you need a crash course, book an one-hour lesson but the two-hour course is highly recommended.