Georgian Bread  Shoti

Delicious Georgian Bread in Brooklyn: TONÉ-CAFÉ Georgian Bread...

Delicious Georgian Bread in Brooklyn: TONÉ-CAFÉ Georgian Bread

Even if you're from Manhattan or any borough outside of Brooklyn, a trip to the Georgian Bakery serving Shoti and Khachapuri (Georgian Pizza) is totally worth the hike to Brighton Beach.

Badri, the Georgian master baker of Neptune Avenue, everyday before he open Georgian Bread, he had to construct a toné, the Georgian version of the Indian tandoor. This cylindrical oven sits at the center of the bakery with scorching heat during the hottest days of the summer. Six days a week, he readies at 4 in the morning to get to the bakery by five and fire up the oven. With one assistant, he spends the next 12 hours mixing dough, baking bread, making Georgian pizzas, and tending customers. Everything handmade items here are delicious.

TONÉ-CAFÉ Georgian Bread
265 Neptune Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11235