Gorgeous Pastries and Baked Goods by World-Class French Bakery...

Gorgeous Pastries and Baked Goods by World-Class French Bakery

NY Mag

French bakery/café Bien Cuit opened in summer 2011, and quickly became a neighborhood go-to for fresh and authentic staples like baguettes and croissants. Décor-wise, exposed brick walls, a wood-and-marble counter, large windows, and unadorned tables feel clean and rustic. The only pops of color come from the artfully-prepared desserts inside the display case, like a recent banana and bourbon tart with chocolate and an almond pear danish.

The New York Times

Bien Cuit, translates from the French as “well done.” It signifies the way the best artisans believe all bread should be baked: with a dark brown crust to bring out the deep flavors of the grains. So the sign out front advertises the philosophy of the baker, Zachary Golper.

Brooklyn Location
20 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Bien-Cuit Bakery
35 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014