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3D Scan the Perfect Fitting Suit - Acustom Apparel...

3D Scan the Perfect Fitting Suit - Acustom Apparel

At this SoHo retailer, 30 seconds is all it take to get your perfect fitting suit with state-of-the-art 3D body scanner. From there clients will work with one of the stylists to customize the fabrics and stitching details.
3D Body Scanner - Acustom Apparel NYC
Using a 3D body scanner to take no less than six-figures of data points of very precise millimeter measurements, it takes out the the painstaking high skilled task of traditional pattern making ( typically a costly factor in bespoke wear ). By taking this role out of the equation, Acustom Apparel is able to bring the cost down to make any men looking sharp without cutting a hole in the pocket.
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