IFC Center

IFC Center NYC - Independent Movies and Films Theatre...

IFC Center NYC - Independent Movies and Films Theatre

The IFC Center is the place to be for the ultimate independent movie experience in NYC. Located in the historic Waverly theater ( near the corner of 6th Ave. and West 3rd) featuring 5 luxurious cinemas with lavish seats and high-definition digital projection, as well as 35mm projection. Snack on organic popcorns with natural butter while watching documentaries or independent movies.

The IFC Center features weekend classics at 11am every Friday - Sunday, and cult movies starting at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Movie and Hollywood film buffs are encouraged to check out the Posteritati Gallery which features vintage movie posters that any lover of films and cinemas can appreciate.

How much does tickets cost?
Ticket prices vary, depending on the time of event - however, evening movie prices are $14 and under.