Artist JR’s Ellis Island Southside Project

Art Exhibition - Unframed - Ellis Island...

Art Exhibition - Unframed - Ellis Island

Held for the first time on Ellis Island, the art exhibit "Unframed - Ellis Island" (by artist JR) features human-sized historic photographs blended to the walls of Ellis Island to conjure up the sense of life when the island was the gateway of America. Being put together by "Save Ellis Island", a non-profit group, the goal is to bring awareness and to preserve the rich history of Ellis Island to future generations. Ellis Island was the gateway of millions of men, women and children who passed through in order to live their hopes and dreams on the shores of America. The 90-minute guided "Hard Hat Tour" will take you through the un-restored complex of Ellis Island Hospital. JR hopes to give visitors a sense of time, place and context to those that came through this island.

Tickets for the Hard Hat Tour will go on sale on Sept. 25 with tours beginning on Oct. 1. If you are interested in donating to Save Ellis Island you can choose options from $25 up to $500.