Clinton St. Baking Company

The Best Pancakes in the Lower East Side...

The Best Pancakes in the Lower East Side

Located in the Lower East Side, Clinton St. Baking Company is the perfect little bakery that only seats 32; and it may be overlooked - but stop in one, ( and once you prepare yourself for the notorious brunch line) you will keep coming back. The system is simple, show-up, put your name on the wait list and the host text msg you when the seat is ready. It is comfortable and humble - the food is considered comfort food, and boy will it make you feel good! The menu features American classics, but made with the highest quality, local ingredients (with lots of love, and butter!). Known for their award-winning pancakes, and one of Manhattan's best chicken and waffles, Clinton St. Baking Company will make many feel right at home!

Clinton St. Baking Company
4 Clinton St
New York, NY 10002