A Hidden Cocktail Space in Chelsea...

A Hidden Cocktail Space in Chelsea

Looking for an out of the way place to have a fun evening without getting mobbed in some trendy flash-in-the-pan club? Then take the time to hunt down the hidden gem that is Backbar. Located in Chelsea, Backbar was built on the site of a former storage facility and features an industrial vibe. This hidden lounge isn't the easiest to find, but once you get there you'll understand the draw; everything from the horseshoe banquette to the DJ booth and marble bar makes this a standout venue. You can dance anywhere you find the space, making this nightspot ever-evolving. You won't regret hunting down this treasure once you've stepped through the two plain steel doors and into the Mediterranean courtyard villa.

photo credit: Karen B.

16th and 11th Ave
New York, NY 10011