Escape The Room NYC

Escape The Room NYC: A Real Life Escape Game ...

Real Life Escape Game in NYC

Escape The Room NYC: A Real Life Escape Game

Transport yourself into an adventure video game, locked in a theme decorated room and to escape you must solve a series of puzzles before the time runs out.

That is the concept behind Escape The Room, a new adventure/ team-based experience popping up in several major cities including New York City and entrepreneurs are renting spaces and using their creative juices to dream up escape experience "puzzles" for adventurous customers to face and conquer.

How does it work?

Using your wits, smarts as well as your teammates, your team must discover clues, solve puzzles and retrieve the key to your escape. There is only 60 minutes so everyone must act quick. There are 5 different types of room settings - The theatre, the apartment, office, agency and the Victorian home. Each with it's own backstory, puzzles, decorative details and number of allowable players - remember, everything in the room is there for a reason, no special knowledge is required, just bring your creativity and sense of humor with you.

Wait, but why?

These event spaces are especially popular for corporate team building activities but also as an interesting and unique experiences for birthday parties, tourists or those looking for a unique and different adventure. Escape The Room are attracting people looking for a new and different experience in NYC. Given the complicated nature of the events being built, winning is actually a rarity, but that doesn't stop enthusiasts from trying. If it was easy, it wouldn't be much fun at all would it?.

How Much?

Average rate is $28 per person but can vary depending on location (Midtown or Downtown) of the type of escape experience.