Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costume Shop in NYC: Halloween Adventure...

Halloween Costume Shop in NYC: Halloween Adventure

When it’s time to transform from yourself into a scary ghoul, a fantastic superhero or just looking to be someone else, the Halloween Adventures is one of the go-to store in Manhattan. Open year round, this makeover one-stop shop offers up wigs, make-up, costumes, props and accessories so that anyone can walk in as themselves and leave ready to be someone ( or something) new. Located in East Village, the shop can get crowded as Halloween approaches, but the huge array and crazy maze of options becomes an experience and adventure all on it’s own.

If you need a costume for Halloween, Comic-Con or just need something themed, this is the place to shop.

Sample Prices
Captain America shield for $9.99
or deck yourself out as a Centurion for $129.99
Spartan helmet, a knight’s sword and shield for $11.99 each
50’s hairstyle $24.99
70’s blonde $19.99
80’s for $29.99.

Halloween Adventure
104 4th Avenue
New York, NY