50 shades: Musical

The Erotic Best Seller Is Now A Musical: Fifty Shades...

The Erotic Best Seller Is Now A Musical: Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades, the Musical is of course the musical parody / adaptation of the hugely popular and oh so naughty novel, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. The show garnered rave reviews noting the unique blend of music, humor and downright filth to please the most (or least) discriminating tastes.

Though clearly designed for fans that just can't get enough of the book, this show will also appeal to adults with a bawdy sense of humor and a desire to laugh and blush uncomfortably all at the same time during this tongue-in-cheek Broadway musical.

Ticket price range from $49 to $79 with many dates and times still available. Due to the subject matter of the musical, this show is not recommended for children under 18.

Fifty Shades
300 W. 43rd Street
Elektra Theatre
New York, NY