Hadramout restaurant

Yemeni Middle Eastern Food in Brooklyn - Hadramout Restaurant...

Yemeni Middle Eastern Food in Brooklyn - Hadramout Restaurant

Situated amidst a series of businesses catering to Middle Eastern patrons and purveyors of Arabic fine goods in Redhook, Hadramout unassuming restaurant a few step below ground level offers mouthwatering food that tastes exactly, if not better than how it looks. It's authentic, soulful, Yemeni Middle Eastern food on the menu and once here be prepared for the authentic Arabic experience (Al Jazeera is on 24/7).

Hadramout Restaurant is not new and have been established for years but most will not know this place unless you live in the neighborhood OR, you are from Yemen or know a Yemeni taxi driver or been introduced by a Yemeni taxi driver...

Yemeni cuisine as with most Middle Eastern cuisine consisting of mainly lamb ingredient dishes. Aside from the selections of lamb-based meals, Hadramout Restaurant also serve chicken and trout. Try the Mandi Lamb, it is lamb pressure cooked in a 4-foot hole underground or the traditional Mulikhia Lamb, perfectly cooked until the tender meat is left just hanging off the bone complemented by seasoned jute plant. Make sure to order the fresh oversized baked-to-order house bread as the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

The decor is nothing to worth mentioning but the food is the main attraction with generous proportions at very reasonably prices so make sure you come hungry.