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Cafe China: Michelin-Starred Sichuan Chinese Food in Midtown...

Cafe China: Michelin-Starred Sichuan Chinese Food in Midtown

Experience 30s Shanghai “teahouse” dining at Midtown’s Cafe China. This Michelin-acclaimed Chinese art-deco restaurant “elegantly” dishes out authentic regional Sichuan cuisine in a “period” environment transporting diners to the “golden Era” of 1930s Shanghai.

Featuring cold, hot appetizers, dim sum and entrees. Here’s what you want to try:

  • Tea Smoked Duck – Unlike Peking duck, this aromatically smoked duck retains a fatty layer of caramel skin with deep flavor so complex that you may even forego the accompanying sauce
  • Ma Po Tofu – this Sichuan classic is a mouth-tingling affair,
  • Braised Pork Sichuan Style with pickled mustard green shoots.
  • Spicy Chengdu Wonton – wide flappy skin wontons in Sichuan peppercorn vinagrette.
  • And for those leaning towards the more innovative dishes, try the julienned Jellyfish in scallion pesto.
Café China
13 East 37th Street
New York, NY 10016