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The Audience with Helen Mirren on Broadway...

The Audience with Helen Mirren on Broadway

Adding to her Academy Award for playing Queen Elizabeth II, Helen Mirren dons the crown once again to bring The Audience to Broadway. An epic play from Peter Morgan that spans the monarchy of over 60 years that reveals the shaping of a queen as she grows into her role starting as the young woman to the great grandmother that she is today.

History will unfold before your very eyes as this Peter Morgan play takes you through the years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign through the meetings she has with her twelve prime ministers.

The Audience, directed by Stephen Daldry, is about the secret private meetings that takes place weekly between Queen Elizabeth II and the prime ministers. No one knows what is said in these meetings, these conversations have been kept secret, with each party observing an unspoken agreement to never divulge the contents, even to their nearest and dearest.

This play is a chance to bring visitors into the power and experience these meetings that the queen held with such figures as Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and even the current Prime Minister David Cameron. Each Prime Minister has used these private conversations as a sounding board and a confessional.

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Sat, February 14th 2015 to Sun, June 28th 2015