Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt NYC - Discover The New York City Like Never Before...

Scavenger Hunt NYC - Discover The New York City Like Never Before

Watson's Adventures dedicates itself to outstanding adventures and Scavenger Hunts in NYC.

Choose from the themed varieties of "hunts" offered. Such as " The Murder at the Mets ", " The Munch around Village " or " The Gangsters' New York " and more... The adventures will have you racing around town in museums, landmarks and neighborhoods including Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Little Italy or Brooklyn. All the while interacting with different people and establishments to solve clues while exploring and discovering New York's deep histories and hidden secrets.

Watson Adventures spawned from the creative mind of Bret Watson, a seasoned writer and editor (and occasional stand-up comedian), who began masterminding scavenger hunts in the early ’90s to friends as a way to partake his unique angle on the lesser known side of the museums. Such as places most have never been to before and fascinating rooms like the Egyptian tombs that many have never noticed before. The scavenger hunts focuses more on lesser known works and those that don't get the big advertisements.

photo credit: Newsday