Traditional Polish Restaurant in Greenpoint - Karczma...

Traditional Polish Restaurant in Greenpoint - Karczma

Situated in the heart of the Polish community in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Karczma offers traditional style Polish cuisine, which means you can expect to find country favorites like Borscht, Bigos ("Hunter Stew"), Pierogies, Potato Placki and Kashanka (Buckwheat Blood Sausage), all served in very generous country-styled proportions.

Inside, a large wooden bar and rustic décor throughout evoking a unique cozy feel of being in a Polish farmhouse. The waitress, dressed in traditional folk dress provides that extra old-world feel while delivering excellent and friendly service.

To make it extra merry, we recommend pairing a couple of "Zywiec pivo"(Polish beer) with golden brown pierogies, rich savory beef goulash and kielbasa that is perfect with the snap of the outer-skin smeared in spicy mustard along with a healthy heap of sautéed onions.

photo credit: www.artinlimbo.com

136 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222