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Best No Non-sense Thai Food in Queens: Sripraphai Thai Restaurant...

Best No Non-sense Thai Food in Queens: Sripraphai Thai Restaurant

New York Restaurant

For years, Sripraphai has been the defiantly delicious rebuttal to complaints that you can't get good Thai food in New York. A recent, relatively glitzy expansion gave some pause—would a dressed-up Srip become a watered-down victim of its own success? Not at all: Crispy dried catfish, fiery beef panang, and minced pork with chilies, peanuts, and lemon juice are as good as ever. The pad might be fancier, but not the pad Thai. — Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld

New York Times

...Sripraphai has been around for more than a decade, and the most committed restaurant adventurers from outside Queens have long made pilgrimages to it. But plenty of less obsessive food lovers who would gladly venture to Woodside for something special do not know that this delicious destination awaits. They should. Sripraphai is to your corner Thai takeout what P. D. James is to Mary Higgins Clark: the real deal, well worth the extra time and effort...