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Haute Fusion Australian Cuisine - Juni...

Haute Fusion Australian Cuisine - Juni

Prepare your palate for Juni, located at the Hotel Chandler near K-town is an unusually low key dining spot powered by a talented Michelin-starred chef cooking up haute modern Australian cuisine.

Chef Shaun Hergatt composes some of the most refined plates in a humble venue where he is simplifying his cooking while intensifying his flavors. The simple decor and subdued colors of the space let the plate really shine. And maybe this is all on purpose, with the decor as a supporting player here - flat, slate-grey wall and artsy photographs on the walls features the same produce you will see in your dinner, and a separate bar comprises its own splashes of color courtesy of glass urns full of spirit infusions that are made in house.

He calls one dish warm pork soup, which is like calling Elvis a singer. There are truly elegant, smoky shards of diced pork neck, but it's the reduction in Tuscan kale to velvety smooth along with a deep forest green with gold egg yolk on top that make this a dish of astonishingly scrumptious.