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Pocket Bar NYC

Pocket Bar NYC - Intimate Neighborly Bar in Hells Kitchen...

Pocket Bar NYC - Intimate Neighborly Bar in Hells Kitchen

Pocket Bar NYC is a real gem of a cozy little intimate neighborhood bar that makes you feel like you’re hanging out in a BFF’s apartment. The friendly and charming owner Suzy Darling, who has a background in the show business will draw you in and you’ll feel like staying for awhile.

The cute & sexy wine & beer bar burst onto the scene in May 2014 and has become local’s not-so-secret, secret place in Hell’s Kitchen to have drinks with friends, meet new people and chat up to some strangers around you.

Try the homemade fruity, peachy sangria named “Sharknado”, a popular choice when offered otherwise you are sure to find something to quench your thirst from the array of refreshing boutique wines to the microbrews on tap. If all the drinking gets you hungry, feel free to order in from any of nearby vendors or snack on the in-house Teddy Grahams or Hot Pockets.

photo credit: Pocket Bar NYC, Foursquare