Tiffany & Co.

The Oldest Jewelry Store: Tiffany & Co....

The Oldest Jewelry Store: Tiffany & Co.

Founded:1837 - Beloved by jewelry connoisseurs and film buffs alike, Tiffany & Co. existed long before Holly Golightly ever ate a Danish while gazing through its windows. Opened as Tiffany and Young in 1837 at 237 Broadway, the company started selling jewelry a few years later (at first, it was a purveyor of "stationery and fancy goods"). Its famous Blue Book catalog has been published since 1845, and it's been planted at 727 Fifth Avenue since 1940. Tiffany's also has sports tie-ins that might be surprising to some: the insignia that became the New York Yankees' logo was initially struck by Tiffany's onto a medal for a police officer shot while on duty, and the company makes the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which is presented to the team that wins the Super Bowl (for example, the Giants this year)