WEEGEE Guide to New York

40s and 50s Photos of New York City | The Weegee Guide to New York...

40s and 50s Photos of New York City | The Weegee Guide to New York

Discover New York City through the lens of the legendary photographer Weegee, showing the urban fabrics of pre-gentrified industrial NYC in the mid-1900s before the colossal digital billboards and the spread or towering skyscrapers across the city in this new photo book, "The Weegee Guide to New York: Roaming the City with its Greatest Tabloid Photographer".

Weegee, who is also known as Arthur Fellig, famous for his striking, gritty shots of the city’s crime scenes, urban mayhems, tenement dwellers, street vendors and the public life of New Yorkers in the mid-20th century. Other images in brilliant black-and-white are of typical neighborhoods and streetscapes with low-rise buildings, bulky mid-century cars, clean billboard-less building facade and remarkably uncluttered public spaces.

Divided into eleven neighborhood sections, this extraordinary photo guide offers glimpse through hundreds of Weegee’s photographs including some never before seen from Downtown to Midtown, the East Side to the West and some of Brooklyn.

Above Photo: "A 1953 photo shows Humphrey Bogart on the marquee of the Victory movie theater, home now to the New Victory, which specializes in children’s entertainment."