North Sky Kung Fu...

North Sky Kung Fu

North Sky Kung Fu is founded on the idea of teaching practical martial arts while preserving a unique Kung Fu system. Our goal is to capture the full meaning of Eagle Claw Kung Fu or Ying Jow Pai, and pass along its benefits. We also teach Wu Style Tai Chi an essential part of Chinese Martial arts that adds balance and harmony to one's practice.

We offer small classes and high-energy, varied workouts that cover all martial arts fundamentals. Our classes are challenging and fun with plenty of individual attention.

North Sky Kung Fu is located in Chelsea, Manhattan. We are proud to be a member of the NY Ying Jow Pai/Eagle Claw family of martial arts schools. Our master is Grandmaster Leung Shum, one of the great martial arts masters from China.

We offer:
Conditioning and fitness building
Classic Forms and weapons training
Self-defense and real-world applications
Free sparring and tournament fighting

Partner forms in "empty hand" or weapons
Breathing and meditation

We also teach Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

Contact us at or call at (917) 657-6104