NYC Pedestrian Signal Seat

Chair Made Out Of Decommissioned New York Pedestrian Signal...

Chair Made Out Of Decommissioned New York Pedestrian Signal

A brilliant "WALK/DON'T WALK" Chair created by artist John Carter,

Carter says that he is inspired by using "the ritual objects of our civilization as social commentary on our disposable culture." As a result of his Cleveland upbringing, he is interested in industrial materials in particular, and has been particularly inspired during walks and bus rides in that city as well as in New York City, which he now calls home.

Early in Carter's career he earned a reputation as a NYC guerilla artist, creating anonymous irreverent works as part of a night time sculpture team. Now, he has partnered with sculptor Johnny Swing to start a movement known as "industrial chic," using objects like street signs and bowling balls in creating spectacular interior design work that includes furniture and interactive sculptures...

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